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Congratulations on being selected as a Certified IFW Financial Professional! And welcome to the IFW Retirement Roadmap Experience Sales Training & Resource Library! Everything you need to know about the Retirement Score Six-Step Sales Story is available here 24/7.

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Over the past several years, we have developed a powerful and compelling six-step sales process that guides prospects through their IFW Retirement Roadmap Experience. This process establishes credibility and trust, finds specific problems you can solve, and gets complete “buy-in” to the concepts and solutions you are presenting.

From there, you present their current situation, followed by a before and after scenario that provides a significantly improved retirement success score. This gives the prospect an easy-to-understand way to see the benefits you are providing, causing them to take action and make you a member of their financial team.

Below is our complete resource library with a specific video for each step of the process. Browse each section at your convenience, and a full role-play sales demonstration is available too.

We all know conducting a quality and accurate fact finder is a critical element in the sales process. Watch this quick video to get some fact-finder best practices and nuances for The IFW Retirement Roadmap Experience.


The Six Step Sales Story begins AFTER the fact finder is completed as well as the initial case design. Basically, it is the second meeting with the prospective client.

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Key Takeaways

During the part of the presentation there are three key elements to make sure you cover.


  • Be sure to reiterate their primary concerns learned during the fact finder
  • Be sure to reiterate their goals and aspirations learned during the fact finder
  • Play the Tom Hegna 90 second video and drive home the fact that we do NOT want them to live a “just in case retirement”.

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Key Takeaways

A good segue into Step 2 is stating “our goal is to get you to (state their concerns and goals), however things happen and there will be some challenges. There are two key obstacles that could make it more difficult for us to achieve your goals and the first one is taxes. Share the following key points about tax history.


  • Taxes are the lowest they have been in 75 years or so.
  • Debt is the highest it’s ever been with $34 Trillion dollars and growing.
  • Ask what direction they believe taxes are going.
  • Agree that you and most financial experts believe they are going up as well


Lightly consider it MAY make sense to pay taxes now instead of paying later.


The next challenge or obstacle we will face in retirement might be the sequence of return risk. Explain that:


  • The order of returns does not matter during accumulation (use chart)
  • The order of returns matters a lot during distribution. (use chart)
  • The volatility buffer can protect you against sequence of returns risk. (use chart)

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Key Takeaways

This is a simple step where you are just reviewing what the prospective client wants, and what they have. This step builds further trust and makes sure there is accurate information going into the software.

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Key Takeaways

The key points to cover during this step are as follows.


  • Monte Carlo Simulation is how we calculate their score. Let them know NASA, engineers and casinos all use this precise statistical modeling technique.
  • Ask them how their current score makes them feel?

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Key Takeaways

The key points to cover during this step are as follows.


  • Show them the adjustments made and how they increased their score.
  • Ask them how it makes them feel
  • Use the “back briefing” strategy to make sure they can explain it back to you so you know they grasped the financial concepts.

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Key Takeaways

The key here is to use the “Steve Jobs” power questioning technique! Additionally, ask them what they think and what THEY want the next steps to be.


Pivot into product solutions either at the same meeting or schedule a follow up meeting to review the specific product recommendations.



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