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Financial Professionals

“Their tagline is true! Finally, a complete sales and marketing system that “simply works,” and I have tried many of them! Plus, the training and support is efficient and valuable!”
(Jeanette S)
“I have over 20 plus years of experience and have built a solid practice but finding new prospects is always a challenge. I am so glad I partnered with The IFW – I can confidently say The Retirement Roadmap Experience is a great way to get new clients!”
(Eric L)
“I use the 6 Step Sales Process not only on new prospects but on my existing clients too, and it has helped me re-engage with so many of my existing clients and generate additional opportunities.”
(Carla G)
The IFW Retirement Roadmap Experience truly is a complete sales and marketing system.  By the end of the experience, when prospects clearly see how their situation can improve, they are ready to take action with me!
(Steve D)
The IFW Retirement Roadmap shows my prospects and clients’ sales concepts in an easy to understand way I have been trying to find for years. Plus, having the IFW brand continually educate behind the scenes is supportive and helps build & maintain trust.
(Michael K)
IFW Testimonial
“The IFW Retirement Roadmap software is truly one of a kind. Finally something that presents Roth Conversions and The volatility buffer strategies like nothing I have ever seen before. Clients get it and are much more likely to take action!”
(Tim W)
“The IFW Retirement Roadmap Experience is not only an amazing resource for new prospects, but it has also helped me create new opportunities with my existing clients. I actually just used it to help my brother understand how I am able to help him!
(John F)

These are participating financial professionals and have not been paid for the endorsement.

Client Testimonials

The IFW Retirement Roadmap Experience showed me a guaranteed income strategy that gave me absolute peace of mind so I never have to worry about market ups and downs.
(John M)
Trusting the IFW was easy. There was plenty of proof of that before I signed up. What I loved the most was how much I bonded with and trusted my IFW Certified Financial Professional. Even better, based on the tax savings strategies I learned, it looks like I will save hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes in retirement.
(Katherine B)
I am no financial expert, but the volatility buffers strategy made complete sense and showed me how to increase my chances of a successful retirement! And my IFW Financial Professional was so helpful in getting it all setup!
(Blossom S)
Running out of money in retirement used to keep me up at night until I went through the retirement roadmap experience. Thank you, IFW – I am sleeping so much better now!
(Byron H)
IFW Client Testimonials
I just loved how I was able to see my probability of retirement success score improve in such an easy-to-understand format! And my financial professional made it even easier by answering my other retirement questions.
(Fred R)

These are actual clients referred by The Institute of Financial Wellness to a Financial Professional, and they were not paid any compensation for these testimonials or comments.

These are actual webinar attendees and clients referred by The Institute of Financial Wellness to a Financial Professional and they were not paid any compensation for these testimonials or comments.

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