State-of-the-Art Technology
The software is built on a multi-million dollar robust, secure, and one of-a-kind platform. Utilizing Monte Carlo Simulation, which randomizes thousands of scenarios combined with IFW’s proprietary development tools, the software demonstrates how a volatility buffer (safe bucket) can be accessed when the investment account (growth bucket) has negative returns to distribute retirement income more efficiently.
Powerful 6-Step Sales Process
The Retirement Roadmap Experience tells a compelling story that provides a deeper understanding of why it’s so important to address potentially rising taxes, sequence of returns risk, and maximizing income in retirement. This process sets the stage for conversation, engagement, trust, and a desire to learn more.
Solves Problems
Your prospects are worried about specific problems they could face in retirement. They are concerned about taxes, market fluctuations, and ultimately either running out of money, or living a just-in-case retirement. During the Retirement Roadmap Experience, these problems are addressed and solved.
Delivers Results
The culmination of the Retirement Roadmap Experience is a powerful and concise scenario where the prospect clearly sees their probability of retirement success ‘‘before” and “after” your recommendations. This moment is the catalyst for the prospect to take action and help you win a client.

These are actual webinar attendees and clients referred by The Institute of Financial Wellness to a Financial Professional and they were not paid any compensation for these testimonials or comments.

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